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Here’s How You Can Become a Better Writer

Here’s How You Can Become a Better Writer

Do you think you’re a bad writer? Most writers do when they start to write something. In fact, it’s likely a safe to say that all writers have, at one point in time or another, really disliked their written work.

So how do you get better at writing? How can you become the writer you want to be so that you can effectively write your life story and make sure you convey your message? The answer is simple: you have to write.

Like anything else, writing is something we need to practice in order to advance. While the “goodness” of your writing can’t truly be measured, your comfort level will show through. If you write often, you’ll notice over time that you have better connection to your voice, your story, and the language you’re using.

It may seem like a daunting task, but the best way to get yourself to practice writing is to put in on your to-do list everyday. All you really need to do is dedicate 15 minutes to the act of writing on a daily basis. This helps you to create the habit of writing consistently, which will also help you to see the writing of your life story all the way through.

If you absolutely cannot start by just writing something on a daily basis, try reading for a week before you start writing. Read your favorite book, your favorite magazine, whatever really interests you. Remind yourself why you wanted to write your memoir in the first place, and find inspiration in yourself and your surroundings.

Practice makes progress, and writing your life story is progressive action. It won’t be done in a day, and not everything you write will be brilliant. If you don’t like it, take solace in the fact that you’re in good company, all great writers are their own worst critics.