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Here’s How You Can Recall Old Memories

Here’s How You Can Recall Old Memories

One of the hardest parts of writing a memoir is remembering the details of the story or experience you’re writing about. It gets more challenging to recall memories the further away from the experience you are. There are multiple ways you can get your memory running with you again, and these are just a few of them.


Clearing your brain of all thought can help you to focus on the past. If you can’t get into a specific memory, try sitting quietly and dismissing the thoughts that come into your head. Your goal is to just focus on the present and bring yourself into a place of better focus. You can also take a walk around the block and focus on how your body feels and the area surrounding you. When you’re trying to remember something, you have to get past the present and other memories. Clear your head and then go back to the memories, seeing if you can remember anything more.

Go back to the experience

If you can physically visit the place of your memory, that can help to bring up details of the memory. If you still have old objects or records of the memory, those can help as well. If you don’t have those or can’t physically visit it, try to find something that reminds you of that time in your life in the present. Maybe it’s a type of store, a type of object, a smell, anything that will remind you of that time can help you remember the experience.

Talk to others

If you’re in contact with the people from younger years or certain experiences, try to talk through the time with them. It can help to have another person that remembers an experience and can give you details you haven’t yet recalled. Of course, talking to people about life experiences can be challenging, so you want to make sure you set up a space in which it feels safe for you and the other party to discuss the past.