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How Taking a Field Trip Can Help You Write Your Life Story

How Taking a Field Trip Can Help You Write Your Life Story

You’ve experienced many different places in your life. Some of those places you probably struggle to remember in their entirety. What did the park where you had your first date look like? What color were the walls in your favorite restaurant?

One way you can experience these details all over again is by taking a field trip to the places that had the most impact on you. This doesn’t have to be a long trip, you could go for a single day. Here are some things to keep in mind as you plan to adventure into the place, or places, of your past.

Who do you trust to take with you?

Taking yourself to the places of your past can be an overwhelming experience. It’s beneficial to bring someone who you trust to keep you grounded. Having someone who can keep you present and who you can talk with about the details you want to put in your memoir is a sure way to make sure you get all you want out of this trip.

What’s your intention?

While you may just want to re-experience a place of your past, it can be helpful to clarify what you want to get out of this trip before you embark on it. Do you want to remember a particular experience you had in this place? Do you have a particular section of your memoir that you’re writing right now and need to jog your memory for details? Get specific about the things you want to get out of this trip, and then make sure you plan to accomplish them.

What do you need to bring?

Are you a visual person? If so, maybe you want to bring a camera or a sketchbook to record what you’re seeing. If you’re more of an auditory person, you may want to record voice notes while you’re visiting so you can listen to them later and remember every detail of the experience. If nothing else, be sure to bring a notepad and paper so you can take notes on the details you wanted to remember while you were visiting, don’t let yourself forget them before you even get home!

The best way to get yourself to remember details of the past is to re-experience them. If you have the ability to take a quick trip to somewhere that had a huge impact on you and your life, don’t let that opportunity go to waste! Immerse yourself in every detail you can, and see what you can remember from your past that you wouldn’t have remembered otherwise. After that, get writing!