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How to Write About Major Events in Your Life Story

How to Write About Major Events in Your Life Story

No matter who you are, you have witnessed something important. Whether it’s a major historical event or a significant life event, how do you start to write about it?

Writing through the important events in your life can be a way to organize your memoir. If you decide to write the events in your life, here’s some helpful tips.

Ask yourself why

Why was the event you’re writing about a big event in your life? What did you learn from that event days, months, or years later? Does the event still impact your everyday life, and if so, how? When writing big events, you want to tie them into your life in general. How has this event changed you, if it has at all?

Organize the events further

Are the events in your life similar to one another? If so, organizing the events by shared subject might help you to write through them. If the events happened in a chronological way, you could write through them chronologically. This is completely your choice. Organize your events in the way you conceptualize them and you’ll be more likely to write through to the end of your memoir.

Understand the events before you write them

If the events involved other people that you still have contact with, try talking through them with those people. If you have record of the events, look through the records before you begin writing. It can be helpful to get your memory running through the events before you begin writing, even if that means just doing a twenty-minute brain storm session before you begin writing about the event.

When you’re done writing through your events, think about what connects all of them. Why did these events matter to you? Connecting them will bring a sense of continuity into your memoir and give you a whole story.