a workbook for writing your life story

How to write your life story book — using your computer

How to write your life story book — using your computer

Are you planning to write your life story on your computer, instead of writing it out by hand? We support you (it’s what we’d do, too!). So, we’ve created a guide with our best advice for how to craft your story and turn it into a real keepsake book. The guide is totally free. Enter your email here to get a copy sent to your inbox.

We know it’s a lot easier and faster to type, not to mention you can edit what you wrote; make sections longer or shorter; skip entire chapters; etc. etc. etc…! When we created the I Lived This workbook, we always knew we wanted to give people an option to type it, using the questions in the book as a jumping-off point.

This guide should help you get motivated, get started, and get through the process. We’ve even included some advice for how to deal with photos and printing. Let us know how it works for you!

This also isn’t our ultimate goal. We’ve got some ideas in the works for how to make this all even easier — specifically, working with printers and even setting up a system to help people write their stories in a way that’s actually fun and easy.

When you download the guide, you’ll get added to our mailing list, and we’ll send you updates on all those cool ideas. We’ll also send you more guides! We’ve got a couple more coming out very soon. We think you’ll like them.

Thanks for living such cool lives. We hope this guide helps you write about them!