a workbook for writing your life story

Prompts for Writing Your Life Story

Prompts for Writing Your Life Story

Here’s a list of writing prompts that can jog your memory about important events you’ve been through. Set a timer for fifteen minutes and write about one of the prompts. Don’t self-edit while you’re writing, just let the words come out! Work through the prompts one-by-one and you may find what you want as the topic of your memoir!

What was the most impactful moment in your life? Where were you and what were you doing? Take yourself back to that moment. How did you feel? Why did you feel that way?

Who is a person that’s had a great impact on you? Describe them. Why did they have an impact on you? Who were they to you? What did they tell you or do for you?

What’s one place that you will never forget? Where is it? Take yourself there (physically, if you have the chance). What does it smell like? What does it feel like? What does it look like? What do you remember happening here? Why is this place so important to you?

What is your passion? What could you talk about for hours without stopping? Describe it. Describe all important events that led to you having this passion. What specific details do you remember about these events? Why is this your passion?

You might have found that these questions prompted more questions for you, and that’s okay! If one prompt really piqued your interest, try spending a bit more time with it. It may be beneficial to work through the prompts with someone you trust, or to talk to someone about your life experiences as you write. Keep working with whatever prompt interested you until you’ve found a focus for your memoir.

If you found the focus for your memoir working through these prompts, it’s time to get organized and get writing!