a workbook for writing your life story

About The Book

About The Book

I Lived This is a fun, creative book designed to inspire you in the process of sharing your life story. With gorgeous illustrations and compelling prompts, you’ll find yourself telling stories you haven’t thought about in years — and having fun doing it.

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Look Inside the Book

Look Inside the Book

Want a peek at what’s in the book? Find out why it won an Independent Press Award for design. Here are a selection of the pages (it’s 180 pages total).

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More about what’s inside:

Beginning with your family background, then continuing chronologically through your nineties, I Lived This has open-ended questions for each life phase, plus a collection of optional questions you can pick and choose from.

I Lived This also includes unique chapters that focus on what you want to do next in your life, as well as a page for any confidential secrets that can be opened and read many years into the future. We’ve also included pages where your family and friends can add their own notes, if you are sharing this book as a keepsake.

We’ve added quotes throughout from some of the world’s most inspiring people, and spots where you can include your photos, adding a little perspective that might prompt you to look at your own experiences in a different way.

I Lived This is a black-and-white book, 8.5 inches square, and softcover so it’s easy to write in. Every page is illustrated.

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